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Name: Beven, Philip

Date/Place of Birth: abt 1801 Not in the county of Devon / Not from "Scotland, Ireland or Foreign Parts"
Info from the 1841 Eng Census
Date/Place of Death: 1844 16 Jun Colliton Grove, Holy Trinity, Exeter, England


Father: UK Beven Mother: UK
Siblings: UK


Spouse: Jane Davie (Davey) (Davy) 1804 – 1872 Date married: 1826 29 Jan

Philip Beven (Jr.) 1827 – 1844 / Elizabeth Beven 1830 – / Edward Beven 1831 – / Edwin Beven 1831 – 1889 / Charles Beven 1833 – / John Nugent Beven 1834 – / Mary Jane Beven 1839 – / Alfred Beven 1843 – /



Date Event
abt 1801 Birth according to the 1841 England Census about Philip Beven - in 1841 Philip Beven was age 40 - Estimated Birth Year: abt 1801 - Male, born: Not in the county of Devon / Not from "Scotland, Ireland or Foreign Parts" Record for Devon, England in the civil parish: Holy Trinity of Exeter City, Devon, England
1808 Christening - Exeter, England - St. George Parish, Exeter, England inform by Private researcher
1826 29 Jan
Marriage of Philip Beven age 24 to Jane Davie (Davey) (Davy) age: 22 at St. George Parish, Exeter, Devonshire, England - spelled BEVIN Family Search, org Indexing project M05093-1, film 917099 / (Bevin)
1827 Devon Family History Society Philip - (father of Philip born 1827) as Millwright; Jane - mother living / Abode of Wear Hamlet, parish of Topsham, County of Devon, England (Parke Family Tree) - Topsham is a suburb of Exeter in the county of Devon, England, on the east side of the River Exe, immediately north of its confluence with the River Clyst and the former's estuary, between Exeter and Exmouth.
1827 Parenthood - Son Philip Beven Jr - The 1841 England Census about Philip Beven Jnr / Born abt 1827 / Where born: Devon, England Civil parish: Holy Trinity / Hundred: Exeter City, Devon, England

/ Other record of birth - Parish of Topsham, Exeter, England - Parish of Topsham, Exeter, England per records of Somerset House, London, England Registered Researcher. Fam Search POO184-1 England_ODM, Film 962976 spelling Beavan (Parke Family Tree Family spelling is Beavan)
1830 Parenthood - Daughter Elizabeth Ann Beven - Birth - Exeter, Devon, England estimated from the 1841 census
1831 Parenthood - Twins Edward Beven and Edwin Beven / Birth - Exeter, Holy Trinity, Devon, England
1831 20 Nov
Residence - On the baptism certificate of twins Edwin and Edward sons of Philip (Mill Wright) and Jane (Bevin) Beven, Holloway Street, Holy Trinity, Exeter, Devon
Holloway Street, Exeter, EX2 exists today
1833 Parenthood - Son Charles Beven - Birth in Exeter, Holy Trinity, Devon, England
1834 Parenthood - Son John Nugent Beven - Exeter, Devon, England
1837 Parenthood - Son Alfred Beven - died same year
1839 Parenthood - Daughter Mary Jane Beven 1839 - England & Wales, FreeBMD Birth Index, 1837-1915 about Mary Jane Beven / Date of Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar 1839 / Registration district: Exeter / Inferred County: Devon - Volume: 10 / Page: 107
1841 England Census about Philip Beven age: 40 ( Millwright - abt 1801) - Male, born: Devon, England - Holy Trinity, Exeter City, Devon, England / Street Address: Colliton (Collerton) Grove, Exeter, St Sidwell / Pce: 268, Bk: 13, Folio: 14, Pg: 22 / Other household members: Caroline Rober 20 Milliner / Jane Beven 40 / Philip Beven (Jr.)14 / Elizabeth Beven 11 / Edward Beven 9 / Edwin Beven 9 / Charles Beven 7 / John Beven 6 / Mary Beven 2 / Wm Woolcott 71
  Historically, millwrights built watermills and windmills, mostly of wood with a limited number of metal parts. More generally in the English speaking world, early millwrights were specialist carpenters who erected machines used in agriculture, food processing and processing lumber and paper. In the early part of the Industrial Revolution, their skills were pressed into service building the earliest powered textile mills.
1843 Parenthood - Son Alfred Beven - Birth - Exeter, Holy Trinity, Devon, England
1844 15 Jun
England & Wales, FreeBMD Death Index, 1837-1915 about Philip Beven Date of Registration: 2Q 1844 - Reg dist: Exeter, Devonshire Vol: 10 Pg: 79 / Death - Age: 43, Colliton Grove, Holy Trinity, Exeter, England

The Death Certificate "iftheenth June 1844 - Colleton Buildings, Holy Trinity / Philip Beven / Male / 34 years (transposed numbers)/ Millwright / Inflammation of the lungs 4 days / Elizabeth Beven, Daughter present at the death - 8 Colleton Buildings, Holy Trinity / Eighteenth of June 1944/ Fredd_ Granb____ Regi(strar)"



Exeter Mills - Exeter's most memorable mill, the Exeter Manufacturing Company (its brick buildings still a prominent part of the river's northern banks), was incorporated in 1827 for the production of cotton cloth. By the early 1880s these mills contained 20,000 spindles and 452 looms and produced four million yards of cloth annually.


Colleton Buildings, Exeter
Colleton Buildings 
Philip Beven (Mill Wright) living in Wear Hamlet - Wear or Weir? At the start of Exeter's history, the River Exe was tidal and navigable up to the city walls enabling it to be a busy port. In the 1270s or 80s, the Countess of Devon, Isabella de Fortibus, built a weir across the river to power her mills (this weir is remembered in the name of the nearby suburb of Countess Wear).
This map shows the area of Exmouth where the Philip Beven family lived. Holloway Road, Colleton Crescent and the Mill Weir are close together