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The Beven Family Tree

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We are Graham and Jean Beven and are researching our Beven Family Tree. As you can see from the links on the left we have indicated our sources for the information we have currently gathered.

The earliest progenitor in our known family is one Philip Beven - A Millwright - Born about 1801 "Not in the county of Devon / Not from "Scotland, Ireland or Foreign Parts" according to the 1841 England Census. He died on 18 June 1844 at 8 Colliton Buildings, Holy Trinity, Exeter, England. He was married Jane AKA Joan or Joanna Davie (Davey) (Davy) - Born about 1804 in Exeter, Devon, England and died 21 October 1860 in Exeter, Devon and they are known to have had at least 10 children, many surviving into adulthood:

Philip Beven Jnr (1827– ????) / Henry William Davy Beven (1828–????) / Elizabeth Ann Beven (1830–1866) / Edwin Beven Snr (1831–1889) / Edward Beven (1831–????) / Charles Beven (1833–????) / John (Nugent) Beven (1835–1879) / Alfred Beven (1837–1837) / Mary Jane Beven (1839–1890) / Alfred Beven (1843–????)

Philip Beven is Graham Beven's 3rd great-grandfather and progenitor to a world wide Beven family tree, known to have living members in the UK, United States of America, Australia, New Zealand, Chile.

Obviously female Beven family members will have married into other families and they may have children that don't bare the Beven name but are full cousins to the family. Unfortunately until all other avenues are exhausted we are not yet pursuing those family lines.

On this website we are creating a page for each Beven family member as we gather information. You will also be able to see the full tree online at See Family Names link to view people already posted.

We welcome any information and/or photographs to add to the current Beven family tree members and possible additional members, no matter how distant the relationship may be to the author, providing the names link directly to a Beven (paternal line).

If you would like access to to view our online family tree then please email a request to us so we can send you the "permissions" and if we can prove a blood line link we will give you admin rights to help build the family tree online.

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The Beven Surname

Beven is not a common surname.

From personal anecdotes it would appear that the spelling of Beven with an 'e' was to confirm the 'Englishness' of the family Beven as opposed to Bevan (Welsh) or Bevin (Welsh) etc.

Baring in mind that adult literacy in the England has only been 'universal' since the late 1800s to early 1900s and prior to that local dialect may have changed the 'spelling' of Beven to alternates Bevan, Bevin, Bevern, Beaven, etc.

 There has been a general clerical tendency by third parties to spell Beven with an 'a' even when the Beven spells the name with an 'e'!

Beven has known variant forms besides Bevan. These include: Beavan, Beaven, Bevin, Bevon, Bevvan, Bevvin, Bevvon, Bivian.

Snippets from the past:

In the time of Henry VIII: 26-31 March 1533, Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 6: 1533 (1882), pp. 121-144. There is a record of a Thomas Beven in the trade of goldsmith.

Bevens Around The World

UK - The Beven Family in England, Scotland, Wales and lately Northern Ireland

Who is Beven Grove Wakefield WF1, England named after?


Australia - The Beven family in Australia

Although no link has been proven to link Graham Beven's pedigree to many of the Bevens of Australia we feel we are close to finding a common ancestor.

Bevendale, New South Wales, Australia is named after so far unrelated Beven!

Who is Beven Heights, Binalong Bay, Tasmania, Australia named after?


Canada - The Beven family in Canada

Although no link has been proven to link Graham Beven's pedigree to the Beven's of Canada, again we feel sure that there is a link just around the corner.

Who is Beven Lake, Hillsburg, Manitoba, Canada named after?


Chile - The Beven family in Chile

Alfred Nugent Beven Snr (Graham Beven's great grand uncle) Born 27 Jun 1867 in Scotland went to Junin, Tarapaca, Chile some time between 1888 and 1892 as the Superintendent Engineer / Chief Mechanical Engineer to Junin Railway and although he died on 24 Apr 1934 in Perth, Scotland he left family in Chile some of which emigrated to the USA.

We know there are Bevens in Chile and are tracking them down!


Ireland - The Beven family in Ireland

Although I have counted search results for the family name Beven shown in a list of databases that are searchable (Numbers relate to the available No. of Records) / Baptismal/Birth Records for Beven in Ireland = 479 / Marriage Records for Beven in Ireland = 167 / Burial/Death Records for Beven in Ireland = 144 / Census Records for Beven in Ireland = 138 / Gravestone Inscriptions for Beven in Ireland = 18 / Beven in Griffith's Valuation for Ireland = 61 / Irish Ship Passenger Lists containing Beven = 14 / Census Substitutes for Beven in Ireland = 62

I have not yet found a blood link back to Beven's in Ireland.


Sri Lanka (Ceylon) - The Beven family in Sri Lanka

Although no link has been proven to link Graham Beven's pedigree to the Beven's of Sri Lanka (old Ceylon) through one Thomas Beven who was born in England. Thomas married Jane Kirk on 18 Feb 1807 in St Peter's Garrison Church, Fort, Colombo and the family grew from that. Thomas Beven the founding father of this Burgher peoples originates in England. The Beven's are part of a middle class ethnic group that formed during the colonization of Ceylon (Sri Lanka). Modified Register for Thomas Beven - Family #1026


United States of America - The Beven Family in the USA

We have a proven ancestry link to two branches of the Beven family tree in the USA.

1. Where Mrs Hellen (Helen) (Ellen) Beven [nee Greig (Gray)] the widow (second wife) of Edwin Beven Snr (Graham's 2nd great grandfather) who arrived in the USA on 13 Jul 1892, age 49 landing in Boston, MA. USA with three of her children: Martha, Harriet and Walter on the Steam Ship "Scandinavian" from Glasgow, Scotland.

2. Where Edwin George Beven (Graham's 2nd cousin 1x removed) who was born 1928 in Chile went to Canada in 1953 and eventually settled in Ohio, USA married and had children Diane Marie, Gary Edward and Michael Patrick

I'm sure there must be earlier emigrations to the USA.

Who is Beven Street, Elmwood, Louisiana, USA named after?

Who is Beven Drive, Escondido, California, USA named after?

Answer: Albert Beven / BIRTH 21 JAN 1867 • Muscotah, Atchison County, Kansas, USA / DEATH 6 APR 1950 • Escondido, San Diego County, California, USA - So far no link has been found, but his family tree is now 'Work In Progress'